Ildikó Enyedi
Ildikó Enyedi

Ildikó Enyedi started her career as a concept and media artist. She was a member of the art group Indigo and the Balázs Béla Studio, the only independent film studio in Eastern Europe before 1989. She later turned to feature film directing and script writing, wrote and directed five features and several shorts. Her film „My 20th Century“ was chosen as one of the 12 Best Hungarian Films of All Time. This same film was among the 10 Best Films of the year 1990, as voted by the New York Times. In addition to prizes awarded to her as a filmmaker, she has also received recognition as a script writer (as winner oft he Grand Prize of the Hartley Merrill International Screenwriting Prize). She lectures at European master classes and teaches at the University of Film and Theater in Budapest. She was a member of the main jury at the Berlin, Moscow and San Sebastián Film Festivals (amongst others). She was awarded the Balázs Béla and the Merited Artist Prizes and has received the Republic President’s Order of Merit Cross. In 2017 she became member of the American Film Academy.


2017 „On Body and Soul“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

2015 - 2012 „Terapia“, TV Series for HBO (Regie)

2008 „First Love“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

2004 „Europa“, Omnibus Film (Regie)

1999 „Simon Magus“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

1997 „Tamás and Juli“, Teil der Serie „the year 2000 as seen by...“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

1994 „Magic Hunter“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

1991 „Winter War“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)

1989 „My 20th Century“, Spielfilm (Buch und Regie)