Ben von Dobeneck

Ben von Dobeneck has been working for Komplizen Film since the production of Maren Ade's "Everyone Else" in 2007.

From 2008 to 2012, he studied film production at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). During his studies, he worked as production manager for Komplizen Film in Berlin, shooting the films "Sleeping Sickness" by Ulrich Köhler and "The Dead and the Living" by Barbara Albert. He completed his studies with the feature films "Dust on our Hearts" by Hanna Doose and "Limbo" by Anna Sofie Hartmann. "Dust on our Hearts" was awarded Best Director and Best Production at the Filmfest München 2012 and won the First Steps Award. "Limbo" celebrated its world premiere in San Sebastián in 2014 and received a nomination for the Discovery Award of the European Film Academy.

Since November 2012, Ben von Dobeneck has been in charge of every phase of all projects, from financing to invoicing. Since April 2017, he has been managing director together with Jonas Dornbach.


"O Beautiful Night", a feature film by Xaver Böhm, Line Producer

"A Tale Of Three Sisters", a feature film by Emin Alper, Line Producer

"Synonyms", a feature film by Nadav Lapid, Line Producer


"I Do Not Care If We Go Down In History As Barbarians", a feature film by Radu Jude, Line Producer

"A Kasha", a feature film by hajooj kuka, Line Producer


"Western", a feature film byValeska Grisebach, Line Producer

"Una Mujer Fantástica", a feature film by Sebastián Lelio, Line Producer


"Scarred Hearts", a feature film by Radu Jude, Line Producer

"Toni Erdmann", a feature film by Maren Ade, Line Producer


"Hedi Schneider Is Stuck", a feature film by Sonja Heiss, Line Producer


"Lies", a feature film by Vanessa Jopp, Line Producer

"Love Island", a feature film by Jasmila Zbanic, Line Production Manager

"Kathedralen der Kultur", a documentary film by Wim Wenders, Production Manager

"Limbo", a feature film by Anna Sofie Hartmann, Producer


"Staub auf unseren Herzen", a feature film by Hanna Doose, Producer


"The Dead and the Living", a feature film by Barbara Albert, Production Manager


"Schlafkrankheit", a feature film by Ulrich Köhler, Production Manager


"Mädchengeschichten", a documentary film by Maria Teresa Camoglio, Production Manager

"Haus im See", a short film byAnna Sofie Hartmann, Producer

"Success" a short film byMicah Magee, Producer