Marie-Christine Ernst,
Line Producer

Marie-Christine Ernst was born in Berlin on November 25, 1983. After graduating from high school, she gained her first experience in the media industry. In 2006, she began her training as a businesswoman for audio-visual media. Here she learned about feature film production in the post-production phase, among others at the German-British "The Post Republic" in Berlin. In order to gain a full insight into the film industry, she then decided to study at the "Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF" in Potsdam and was accepted for the course "Film and Television Production" in 2009. Already in her pre-diploma and diploma thesis she dealt mainly with the topics of film financing. Parallel to her studies she worked in various European cinema projects, among others with Wim Wenders on the first 3D dance film "PINA" as production coordinator. In this position she also got to know Komplizen Film in 2012 on the project "Superegos". In addition to her work on film projects, she gained experience in film funding as a trainee at the German Federal Film Board from 2011-2015.
After completing her diploma, she freelanced for various production companies - initially as production coordinator as well as production manager. She gained further professional experience in the field of production management, among others, for the Francophile Lupa Film GmbH in Berlin 2020/2021, where she supervised the production and financing of film projects in the cinema arthouse sector. After two years of freelance work in this area for Letterbox Filmproduktion and DOR-Film West, she is now returning to a permanent film production house in 2023. Since March 1, 2023 she supports Komplizen Film und Serien GmbH in the production management.


„Madison“ a feature film by Kim Strobl, production manager


„Copilot“ a feature film by Anne Zhora Berrached, production coordinator


„Gipsy Queen“ a feature film by Hüseyin Tabak, production coordinator


„Iceman“ a feature film by Felix Randau, production coordinator


„The Bloom of Yesterday“ a feature film by Chris Kraus, production coordinator


„Superego“ a feature film by Benjamin Heisenberg, production coordinator


„PINA“ a feature film by Wim Wenders, production coordinator