Jasmila Zbanic

Jasmila Zbanic is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, Department for theater and film directing. Before filmmaking, she worked as a puppeteer in Vermont-based “Bread and Puppet” theater and as a clown in a Lee Delong workshop.
In 1997, together with her friends, she founded Artist’s Association “Deblokada” through which she produced, wrote and directed many documentaries, video-art works and shorts and among them her first feature film “Grbavica”, which was awarded with the Golden Bear at the Berlinale in 2006. Her second feature „Na Putu“ (2010) premiered in competition at the Berlinale and was invited to many international festivals e.g. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, CPH:PIX, Espoo Cine, Doha Tribeca Film Festival amongst others.


2014 "Love Island", Feature Film (Screenplay, Director)

2013"For those who can tell no tales" (Screenplay, Director)

2010 “On the Path”, Feature Film (Screenplay, Director)

2008 “Participation”, Short Film, Omnibus “Stories of the Human Rights” (Screenplay, Director)

2007“Builder’s Diary”, Documentary Film (Screenplay: Boris Dezolovic, Director: Jasmila Zbanic)

2005 “Grbavica”, Feature Film (Screenplay, Director)

2004 “Birthday”, Documentary Film, Omnibus LOST AND FOUND (Screenplay, Director)

2003 “Images from the Corner”, Documentary Film (Screenplay, Director)

2002 “To and Fro”, Short Film (Screenplay, Director)

Red Rubber Boots”, Documentary Film (Screenplay, Director)

1999 “We light in the night”, Documentary Film (Director)

1998 “Love is...”, Short Film (Screenplay, Director)

1997 “After, after”, Documentary Film (Screenplay, Director)

1996 “Autobiography” (Screenplay, Director)