Sebastián Lelio
Sebastián Lelio

Born in Chile in 1974, Sebastián Lelio graduated from Escuela de Cine de Chile. His feature film debut LA SAGRADA FAMILIA screened at the San Sebastián Film Festival in 2006 and won 28 international awards. He has taken part in the Locarno competition programme with his third feature film EL ANO DEL TIGRE in 2011. Sebastián Lelio was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in- Berlin Programme in 2012. His fourth feature GLORIA won the Silver Bear in the Berlinale Competition for Best Actress (Paulina García) as well as the Prize of the Ecumenial Jury and the Gilde-Preisn and was the Oscar and Goya entry for Chile.


2013 "Gloria, feature film (Screenplay, Director)

2011 "El año del tigre", feature film (Screenplay, Director)

2009 "Navidad", feature film (Screenplay, Director)

2005 "La sagrada familia", feature film (Screenplay, Director)

2003 "Carga vital", short film (Screenplay, Director)

2002 "Ciudad de maravillas", short film (Screenplay, Director)

2002 "Fragmentos urbanos", short film (Screenplay, Director)

2000 "Smog", feature film (Screenplay, Director)

1996 "Cuatro", short film (Screenplay, Director)

1995 "4", short film (Screenplay, Director)